Thursday, March 23, 2006

Version 2!

Version 2 is now available for your enjoyment!

Whether or not you filled out the survey for Version 1 please feel free to fill out a survey for this version of the project. We fixed most of the bugs, and added the features that were most popularly requested, from the Version 1 survey, including a Clear button, and a feature that moves the word tiles off the video while it plays. The only thing I know is wrong is that sometimes the second or third video flashes on before the first video plays, and the first video still plays roughly. But we're working on that as we speak. Just gotta figure out how to tell the amount of bytes that have been downloaded so far (if anyone has a hint please feel free to let me know!) In the meantime - how about that lack of black flashes between clips??? Thanks so much for your support and your feedback! Keep it coming!

User Input Survey #2: Click Here

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