Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Here it is, the very rough version of my thesis project. I advise that you turn down your sound before playing, because currently all the videos play with a static soundtrack. Yes, there are bugs. Let me know what you think. I will have a more official set of questions soon so you can help me make the interface as good as it can be. Thanks everyone!

Technobabble. Cool!
it's a little unclear how and where to assemble text strings for this project. i'd recommend adding a well-defined area for string construction. additionally, it's sometimes hard to find words when they are distributed so chaotically. grouping them alphabetically might help (and keeping them from overlapping). maybe you could make the excess words disappear temporarily while the video interpretation of the string runs. otherwise, it's fun.

it'd be cool to be able to compose messages, and send the video interpretation to a friend sans text.
I love it, it is so much fun! Very interesting because of different opinions of visual representations of words. Also, can you have more colorful colors? Like, sunset or green (if you can find it now in nature). I like to see nature.... Also, some of your colors do not play. :(

youre so freakin talented
Hey, nice job piecing together, this is Gen's friend Matt btw...

Keep up the good work and good luck in your future!

i love this thing.
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